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Buffalo TeraStation restore files

At the forums we face the problem that someone cannot access his Terastation/TerastationPro anymore quite often. Most of the time there is valuable data on it which is really needed to extract again.

This article is all about how you can recover your data. Once you have recovered your data, you almost certainly want to proceed to the next stage of getting your TeraStation back into an operational state. There is a separate article that covers TeraStation Recovery at the hardware level. Often the hardware recovery will also allow you to recover your data without doing the data recovery steps described in this article, but if that level of recovery goes wrong your data is likely to be lost beyond any chance of getting it back. You therefore have to decide how important your data is to you and whether you are prepared to take that risk.

Terastation Live

The Terastation/TerastationPro will only show in the webinterface that rebuilding the array is the only option. But there are other options to get the data back.


With RAID5 the data is distributed accross all disks and one disk stores an XOR checksum of the remaining (n-1) disks. So you can loose 1 disk.

See Moving disks, or Terastation crash after power failure.

xfs_repair on the Terastation worked for me. See reb's post : Raid 5 '4 red lights' issue

Data Recovery Method With PPC Apple Mac

This part contained some confusing and outdated information so I rewrote it all having just used the information successfully.

It is possible in some cases to recover a Terastation array in situations where the system flashes all four red lights and shows in the web interface that the array is dead and should be recreated, losing all your files. I've done so successfully.

To recover a Terastation array (assuming RAID5 here) you need the following:

  • a PPC powered Mac (Mac Mini, iMac, whatever) with at least one USB connector
  • External USB disk boxes for your disks. I assume you need 4 as I did. They don't have to be identical. Anything works. Mine were of 3 different brands, there was no change.
  • Possibly an USB hub to be able to connect (at least) 5 devices to your system
  • Enough USB disks to be able to store all the data you want to recover from the damaged array

You don't need to erase or change the current operating system on the PPC Mac in any way. After the process it will be exactly as it was, so don't worry.

I'll just assume the reader knows nothing at all about linux, and give the necessary commands. If you know what you're doing you can just figure out what you need from the following.

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