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Buffalo Terastation Recovery

A few days ago my Buffalo Terastation Pro II showed a strange error message in the webinterface while I wanted to empty the trash (the Terastation has a trashbox for the samba shares). The error message was:

[BufCommonFileShareInfo.save]File Close Error - /var/lock/cgi_check_gate

The error was only affecting the webinterface and I could not issue any configuration changes any longer. But as it was only an error caused by a lock file I thought a reboot of the Terastation might fix the error condition.

Terastation Pro II Rackmount

But I was wrong. I rebootet the Terastation and everything I got was this message on the LCD:

System booting ...

I thought it it might be doing a filesystem check or something like that, but after about 6 hours (which should be more than enough to check 700 GB) I unplugged the power cord to cold-reset the Terastation. Now thing got a bit worse and together with a red light and loud beep the LCD showed:

System Error E04 Can't load Krnl!

The advise from Buffalo for this error is to reflash the firmware of the Terastion with a newer version. I could have done this, but I don't fully trust the vendor and the device to not loose my data on a firmware update.

It's my fault that I don't had a backup of the data, which was stored on the Terastation but now I had to go another route of recovering the data without flashing the firmware of the Terastation.

Recovery Theory

My plan was to put the drives from the Terastation into another system, boot any Linux distribution on the system and reassemble the RAID on that system to copy the data somewhere else.

I know that the Terastation uses the XFS filesystem and that the RAID is a Linux software raid, but Linux software raid is not endian agnostic, so one important point was to find out if I need a PowerPC system or if an x86 system will be enough.

Older Terastations use a PowerPC cpu and are therefor big-endian systems. You need a PPC system to reassemble the RAID. After a long search I found a post in the Buffalo support forum, where someone wrote, that the newer ARM-based Terastations are little-endian systems and therefor an x86 system should be used to reassemble the RAID.

I have a few x86 system lying around, but either they don't have enough Sata ports or they don't have a CD-Rom/DVD-Rom to boot Linux from CD. So I needed to prepare an USB-Stick to boot Linux on a system where I could attach all four disks at once.

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Buffalo 2CK4406 - Buffalo TeraStation ES TS-XE4.0TL/R5 Hard Drive Array - 4 x HDD Installed - 4 TB Installed HDD Capacity
PC Accessory (Buffalo)
  • Raid_Supported - Yes
  • Ethernet_Technology - Gigabit Ethernet
  • Number_Of_Total_Expansion_Bays - 4
  • Nas_Interface - Network RJ-45
  • Total_Hard_Drive_Capacity_Supported - 8 TB

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