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Buffalo TeraStation iSCSI VMware

Hi there,

It would be preferred to connect your Veeam server directly to the Buffalo using iSCSI as opposed to a VMware datastore. If you follow this configuration it means that the buffalo will have your VEEAM backups stored on its array directly rather than within a VMFS file system. This ensures flexibility in the event that you need to move/manipulate the data on the buffalo for any restore reason.

Is your VEEAM server physical or virtual?

In order for VEEAM to see the storage, I would probably do the following:

1. Configure iSCSI initiator on VEEAM server to connect to the buffalo (let me know if you need assistance with this as it should be straight forward without CHAP)
2. Format the resulting volume as NTFS and assign a drive letter
3. Within Veeam - select the backup infrastructure tab and then Backup Repositories
4. Run the Add Repository wizard, give the new repository a meaningful name then:
a. Select Microsoft Windows Server as your type
b. Select 'This Server' and click populate
c. Select the buffalo presented volume and click next
d. Confirm path to your backup folder and set your load control as necessary

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