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Buffalo Switching Hub

I have a 5 port buffalo switching Hub (LSW-TX series)
Is there a command which will get me the hub's IP address? ifconfig just gives me the IP of the router.

Hubs and unmanaged switches generally don't have IP addresses. Only "managed switches" or "managed hubs" (although these have become very rare these days) have an IP address and a telnet, ssh or web interface.

I'd be surprised if a simple 5-port switch was of the "managed" kind. And if it was, it should have some "reset" switch you can press to bring it back to factory default settings. In that case, the manual should tell you what the original IP address is.

Originally Posted by PouncingAnt

I want to limit or otherwise block P2P on my network, but the router has nothing useful for that. Was hoping the hub would be better..

That's not a function of a hub or switch. Hubs are simple signal repeaters. Switches only know about MAC addresses and are completely blind to the IP and TCP/UDP information in the packets they forward.

This has to be done on the router - a Router knows about IP addresses, and some of them can inspect TCP/UDP information in the packets and throttle, block or prefer some services to others if needed.

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