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Ethernet switches make it easier for your systems to handle multiple concurrent users or expand the number of available concurrent connections to other devices in your server setup. Most Ethernet switches, also called network switches, install easily on your existing computer network, requiring only a single cable connection to get started. Efficient switches can handle many different users and multiple devices while still maintaining excellent energy consumption rates.

Enhanced Security Features
Network switches often include additional security features that can help protect your network against intrusion or snooping, safeguarding key files and data transmissions. These security features mimic those found in gateway or router devices, creating a barrier against outsiders who may attempt to access sensitive information on your systems. The security features vary by manufacturer and model, letting you select just the right combination of functionality and safety for your business needs. A number of top quality Linksys switch models have cutting edge security features that will effectively protect your data.

Fast Shared Access
Ethernet switches make it easy for multiple users to share access to information stored on various server components and storage devices. This fast shared access can help improve productivity in busy work environments such as data centers or corporate headquarter locations. For devices that allow quick access to the Internet and work well with many modern network switches, try powerful wireless routers designed for business use.

Silent Operation
Many different Ethernet switch types run silently even when under heavy load. The silent operation of these switches allows you to use multiple devices without adding to the overall ambient sound levels in your office. This is exceptionally important for call centers or corporate headquarters locations where the ability to communicate effectively by voice is a necessity for regular business operations.

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