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Buffalo Wireless N150 router driver

To be honest, this is first time I've seen a manufacturer actually list third-party firmware on its own site! A bit odd considering most would normally disassociate themselves from third-parties if only because they don't control the firmware. And while I would assume they've tested it, perhaps they haven't, or not fully, or perhaps not in a configuration such as yours.

So what I’m suggesting is to NOT use DD-WRT, but the original Buffalo firmware. And what I'm seeing from Buffalo is release 1.85 (2012-06-04).

Thank You again!

I found one of my friends has got the same AP model where his firmware is a bit different

Firmware: DD-WRT v24SP2-EU-US (08/19/10) std . I didn't burn my head a lot, copied this firmware version from his CD and flashed one of mine among the 5 APs.it got perfectly flashed (via ethernet) and now what I can see is instead of

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I will be playing my xbox 360 and I will start playing a youtube video on my laptop and it will lag on my xbox 360 game. Not only playing a youtube video but also downloading something. No its not my connection because I am running at 15Mbps which is very good. The model number is F6D4230-4 v2. Someone please help. If you have the same router will you please send me an email or something on your configuration of how you have your router setup to where it works. shanet1265@yahoo.com is my email, I check it daily.

The all in one link for your router. See the source part for the link.

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