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Buffalo router Login URL

  • Pros

    Works as a router, bridge, and repeater.

  • Cons Performance lower than expected for draft-n.
  • Bottom Line

    The AirStation Nfiniti WZR-G300N is Buffalo's first stab at a draft 802.11n router. Despite having some great features, this early draft-n router doesn't meet our performance expectations.


The Buffalo Technology AirStation Nfiniti Wireless Router & Access Point WZR-G300N is the company's very early entry into the 802.11 draft-n race. As a matter of fact, Buffalo was the first company to reach the market with its draft-n gear. The WZR-G300N uses the same Broadcom Intensi-fi chipset as the Linksys WRT300N, and the results, though not identical, are just as disappointing.

The AirStation Nfiniti WZR-G300N uses Buffalo's updated case design, with a sleek silver body and three antennas atop the unit. It ships with a clip-on stand so you can use it horizontally or, if you have limited space, vertically. It even has removable side panels, a nifty little design feature. Beneath one you'll find a list of the default settings, including the password, management URL, username, and how to reset the unit to factory defaults. On the rounded front bezel of the router are status LEDs for power, wireless activity, diagnostics, and indicators telling whether the unit is in bridge or router mode. The connectivity LEDs for the built-in four-port switch are on the device's back.—Continue reading
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