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Buffalo router ag300h setup

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On the surface, Buffalo's decision to use the popular alternative DD-WRT firmware on its wireless routers might sound like a stroke of genius. Since enough people like to flash their routers with alternative distros that Cisco and NETGEAR sell routers specifically for them, why not just save a step and make routers with it pre-installed?

That's exactly what Buffalo does with its current line of wireless routers, of which the WZR-HP-AG300H represents the top-of-line.Front panel callouts But Buffalo also hedges its bets and ships a firmware file that installs Buffalo's own vision of what the WZR-HP-AG300H should be. (Buffalo calls these two versions "Professional" and "User Friendly".)

Since DD-WRT is installed by default (DD-WRT v24SP2-MULTI (12/17/10) std - build 15940 on the test sample), that's how I started to test the router. I got through the router tests and all the way through the 20 MHz mode wireless tests on both bands. But when I tried to test wireless performance using 40 MHz channel bandwidth, I ran into a problem.

Rear panel calloutsBasically, I could not get the router to stay in 40 MHz bandwidth mode. I tried multiple clients, reboots and power cycles. And I lost track of the number of times I used the confusing and poorly documented DD-WRT GUI to set the router to 40 MHz bandwidth mode.

Sometimes it would take, but then revert back on its own to 20 MHz mode. More often, the settings page would reflect what I programmed, but the Status > Wireless page would show a different story (as would my test client). Keep in mind that I test in a pristine wireless environment, with no other networks anywhere in range. So that rules out the possibility of an automatic backoff to neighor-friendly 20 MHz mode due to neighboring network detection.

WZR-HP-AG300H board topI consulted with Buffalo and tried various things they suggested. But in the end, there was no way I could get the router to stay in 40 MHz bandwidth mode. As a last resort, I flashed the router with Buffalo's "User Friendly" firmware, and BAM, problem solved.

So, while I'll briefly mention some of the features available with DD-WRT, this review will reflect the router's features and performance based on Buffalo's "User Friendly" firmware load.

You might mistake the AG300H for its single-band WZR-HP-G300NH sibling. Both have a glossy black case that's intended to assume a vertical orientation using the supplied snap-on base. But it also can lay horizontally on a table top, with the base moving along to keep the router from rocking on its gently curved sides (and raise it up for good airflow).

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How do i setup a buffalo wireless router with comcast internet?

i have comcast high speed internet and a buffalo router. but i need step by step instructions on how to set the router up. can anyone provide this?

Well, since you are on Comcast, its fairly easy. Login to the router. Set the WAN/Internet to DHCP then connect the Comcast modem to the input (wan port) reboot the modem and the router (unplug them, plug the modem in and wait for it to connect, then plug the power in on the router and wait for it to connect, then use the system!)
If it doesn't connect use the "Clone Mac Address" page to set your computer mac as the routers mac address then it will connect!
Here is Buffalo's support page for you.

bought the Buffalo 300nh router, can I setup dd-wrt before disabling my other wireless router?

Yep, totally. If your router has the login credentials for your ISP, then you won't be able to test that without unplugging the ISP router, but everything else should be testable.

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