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Buffalo MiniStation Stealth

Buffalo MiniStation Stealth Hard Drive

The MiniStation Stealth is a compact portable drive that turns what would otherwise be a generic plastic enclosure into a glossy black fashion plate. The glossy panels shine like patent leather, and are framed with matte black accents. The only problem with glossy black plastic: fingerprints, and lots of them. The way this drive collects prints, you'd think it was gathering evidence at a crime scene. It measures only 4.5 by 3.03 by 0.55-inches (HWD), just a touch larger than the Editors' Choice HP Portable External Hard Drive (1TB) ($169.99 direct, 4 stars). It's about as pocket-friendly as the latest iPhone, and weighs only 5.82 ounces.

An LED indicator light running along one edge glows a bright blue when plugged in, indicating whether or not the drive is powered on. While the look is reminiscent of the recent Tron film, it does add a touch of color to what would otherwise be a simple black box.

The single interface doesn't give you any options—it's all USB 2.0. Since the drive pulls all the power it needs from the USB connection, it doesn't require any extra power cord. This single cable may not have the fastest transfer speeds around, but it will work with any current computer and keeps the cable clutter to a minimum.

The Buffalo MiniStation Stealth comes pre-formatted in FAT32 that is compatible with either PC or Mac. It can also be reformatted to either NTFS for use exclusively for Windows, or HFS+ for Mac. Mac users will also be pleased to know that the Stealth supports Time Machine backup software.

Included on the drive is the Buffalo Tools utility suite, which includes tools for faster file transfers, improving PC performance, automatic file backup, and simple data restoration for your computer. The bundled Eco Manager can even reduce power use when plugged into a laptop running on battery power.

Within the glossy enclosure, you'll find a silently spinning 5, 400rpm hard drive. Our review model was a 320GB drive, which works out to around 18 cents per GB. Capacities of 500GB and 640GB are also available, costing 15 and 13 cents per GB, respectively. All three models come with a 1-year limited warranty covering parts and labor.

The Buffalo MiniStation Stealth is ready to go right out of the box, so naturally, that's how we first tested it. In our drag and drop file transfer test, it copied a 1.22GB file in 43 seconds, not bad for a USB 2.0 connection. The Toshiba 650GB External Hard Drive ($159.99 list, 4 stars) did the same transfer in 48 seconds, and the Western Digital My Passport ($119.99 direct, 3 stars) in 51 seconds. It even beat the HP Portable Hard Drive, which completed the transfer in 46 seconds when using the USB 2.0 connection. This slightly higher speed pales in comparison to those offered by USB 3.0. The HP Portable, using USB 3.0, transferred the same file in 19 seconds.

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