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Buffalo MicroStation 64GB SSD

Verified Purchase This product has it all (almost). Small and very neat, simply does its job. Bought it to attach to a portable media player to save carrying around loads of kids DVDs when traveling. Copying content to it is quick and it just plugs into the media player and is recognised instantly. Takes all its power (which is not much, since SSD are very "green") from the media player, so no other cables needed. I had tried to use a standard portable HD, but they are rather fragile and on a portable media player, I was worried that it would not last. Also, the power consumption meant that it could not run off the media player USB power. I therefore needed a separate power adaptor and "y" cable. All a bit of a pain.

So, why say it has "almost" everything? Simple, at £100 for 64GB of storage, this is expensive storage. For a SSD drive, this particular drive is very well priced. However, SSD drives are expensive in comparison to standard HDs (£100 will easily you 1TB of portable HD storage). Hence, it will leave you wanting more space on the drive. Mine is already completely full of video and the kids still want more stuff put on there... I can't really justify another £100 for a second one, so they will just have to put up with what they have got!

BUFFALO BUFFALO LinkStation Duo 2-Bay 1 TB (2 x 500 GB) RAID Network Attached Storage (NAS) - LS-WX1.0TL/R1
  • Quick Swap Drives: Easily accessible drives for quick replacement
  • Web Access: Share your photos, music, videos or data files with family, friends and colleagues over the Internet
  • Shared Storage: Store and share files from multiple PCs, laptops and Mac computers in one central location
  • Time Machine Support: Use the LinkStation Duo with Time Machine backup
  • Stream content to any DLNA compatible media player or use LinkStation Duo as content source from within your iTunes application

Popular Q&A

My Buffalo Airstation asks for user-name and password although I am the Administrator, and I can't log in. Why

I bought a Buffalo WHR-G125 router and set it up using the set-up wizard. Now, sometimes it just allows me to go into the internet, and sometimes it prevents me from opening my browser, asking for a username and password. Please help.

Did you try the default user name and password? Try putting the user as "root" and leaving the password box blank

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