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Buffalo LinkStation blinking power light

BUFFALO HD-H0.6TGL/R5 160GB x 4 TeraStation Network Attached Storage diag light flashing

This is an older NAS but contains all my data files. I figured with 4 drives in a raid setup I was pretty safe. One day I could not connect to my mapped drive and I found the unit was turned off. I had it stashed in my utility room and a laundry basket was sitting next to it. I pressed the power button and the unit came to life just as normal as could be. I figured perhaps somehow the basket was leaning against the unit and accidently turned it off. About a week later same problem, could not connect. I go to check on unit and the diag light is flashing, this is on a Sunday so I just turn unit off and try to turn it back on. Same thing, the diag light flashes but nothing else. I just turn off unit and wait till morning. Monday morning I turn unit on and same flashing diag light. I look up error, it blinks 5 times which is a Flash ROM error - this is not good. If I can't access the unit then I can't access the data on the drives.

Critical files I had backed up with an online backup service so I just brought those over but I had years of pictures. I did have a USB drive that I was using for weekly backups so I was pretty calm and figured I lost perhaps a week of pictures. I figured the unit was toast until I ran across a thread that said the diag light blinking 5 times could also mean that the power supply needed replaced. It stated that if you turned on the unit and the fan on the back wasn't spinning and you were getting 5 blinks try replacing the power supply.

Opening the case on this thing is a nightmare! Once apart I got to the Power supply and it is a micro unit. I don't have one laying around and didn't want to waste the money ordering one if it wasn't the fix anyway. I did have a standard power supply so with everything open I hooked it up and it worked! There was no way a standard power supply was going to fit in the unit so I found one locally for less than $30 that fit and put the unit back together.

Not sure if this is going to help anybody but if you do have this unit and you are getting a diag light that keeps blinking 5 times and your rear fan is not working - try replacing the power supply.

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