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Buffalo LinkStation LS-220

Buffalo LinkStation backup to NAS

This article Based on work by haberschnasel, nix, and frontalot. Originally by frontalot. at Linkstationwiki.org

Backing up the Linkstation

There are many different ways to back up a LinkStation. They not only vary in complexity, but also in completeness and safety of the resulting backup. The following section lists a few. In general the naive definition of the term backup is used: A copy of some data, which might or might not be complete and consistent and which might or might not work in case of emergency. A real backup, on the other hand, is a process, in which consistently and completely copying data is just one building block, while e.g. organizational issues are equally important.

The perfect backup in the title of this article is therefore misleading. You will not get perfect backups with the following procedures. You will "just" get copies of some data.

BUFFALO Buffalo LinkStation 210 3 TB NAS Personal Cloud Storage and Media Server (LS210D0301)
Personal Computer (BUFFALO)
  • Connect to your router for centralized storage and backup for PC and Mac computers
  • Create a free personal cloud with access and share your content anytime, anywhere over the Internet
  • Access your content from your tablet and smartphone devices
  • Stream videos and photos to your DLNA/UPnP connected devices
  • Built-in Bit Torrent client for simplified file downloading and management
  • Back up five home or home office Windows PCs with Nova BACKUP Professional
  • Easy setup with your smartphone or tablet devices - no computer needed!
  • Use with Time Machine to back up your Mac computers

Popular Q&A

Anyone with Buffalo link station pro duo 1TB NAS please tell me your experience with this drive?

I would like info on setup, use, and any general experiences with this backup drive from anyone who has one.
Buffalo LS-W1.OTGL/R1 1TB Linkstation Pro Duo NAS - Network Storage

The setup went easily enough, after an initial brief panic when I discovered all the .pdf documentation on my installation disk was in Japanese. After I calmed down, I just went to the Buffalo Web site and downloaded the .pdf in English. (This was probably just a fluke with my unit.)

Which online backup service supports Buffalo NAS devices?

Hey ! Well, I use a backup program called GBM (Genie Backup Manager) for my small business of tutoring, to backup important examinations and large amounts of files. However, my collegues prefer to use the simpler GTL ( Genie Timeline), both of which are the services from a company called Genie 9 which I've  grown to both like and trust.
So yup, those would be my recommendations. Here is their link, and let me know how it goes down !

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