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Buffalo DriveStation Velocity Reviews

External hard drives are great for quickly and easily boosting your computer's storage space, and thanks to their easy portability they are ideal for backing up important files and folders.

Their biggest problem was speed, but thankfully the popularity of the fast USB 3.0 interface has helped narrow the gap between internal and external drives.

The Buffalo DriveStation Velocity is a sturdy and attractively designed device with a USB 3.0 interface.

There's no 'on' button, just an LED to tell you the drive's status, a USB 3.0 port, power supply and a small gap for a Kensington lock to be installed for extra security. There is also a small fan to keep the drive cool which produces a little noise, but won't be too noticeable.

Our test drive came with a huge 2 terabytes of storage space, though models in 1TB and 3TB sizes are also available.

Speeds were excellent, with an average write speed of 156MB/s. A folder containing 455 files, with a total size of 2.08GB, took just 49 seconds to copy over.

BUFFALO 500GB Drivestation Turbo USB E
  • 500GB DriveStation Turbo USB E
BUFFALO Buffalo Technology DriveStation Combo 500 GB USB 2.0/FireWire 400 Desktop External Hard Drive HD-CE500IU2 (Black)
  • DriveStation Combo; USB 2.0 Cable ;Setup CD Rom with Memeo Backup Software; FireWire (I 1394a) Cable; AC Adapter;Warranty Statement
  • Turns On and Off automatically with your computer
  • Supports USB 2.0/1.1 and FireWire 400- TurboUSB Transfer Rates - up to 20% faster
  • Pre-formatted Drive for Immediate Use with Auto-Power Feature
  • Conserve energy with Unique Heat Sink Chassis keeps internal parts cool. Silent, fan-less design
BUFFALO Buffalo Technology DriveStation Combo4 2.0 TB Desktop External Hard Drive USB 2.0/FireWire 800/400/eSATA HD-HS2.0TQ
  • Get the best data transfer speed possible with your choice of any high performance connectivity ports.
  • TurboUSB - Increases your file transfer speed!
  • Easy Setup does not require drivers
  • Pre-formatted drive for immediate use
  • Turns On and Off automatically with your computer
  • Connect your PC or Mac with USB 2.0, FireWire 400/800 or eSATA

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Where can I find review on Buffalo DriveStation Combo 4?

The market for external storage - like the capacities of the drives themselves - is expanding. Is consumer demand driving technological development or vice versa? Hard to say, but each month seems to bring a new crop of devices in varying configurations, and with equally varied selling points. The Buffalo DriveStation Combo 4 is a case in point.

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