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Buffalo DriveStation Turbo

The DriveStation TurboUSB External Hard Drives let you store,back up,and easily transport various files without taking up room on your computer's main hard drive. Based on the latest SATA hard drive technology for larger capacities and with TurboUSB technology,DriveStation's transfer rates are up to 37% greater than those of standard USB hard drives. With auto installation,Memeo™ AutoBackup software for PCs and Macs Included and support,the DriveStation is a plug and play secure and reliable USB backup and storage solution.

High Performance
• TurboUSB Transfer Rates - up to 37% faster!
• Fast Serial ATA Hard Drive
• Supports USB 2.0/1.1
Simple Install and Management
• Easy Setup Does Not Require Drivers
• Pre-formatted Drive for Immediate Use
• Turns On and Off Automatically With Your Computer
• Unique Heat Sink Chassis Keeps Internal Parts Cool
• Near Silent,Fanless Design (1TB model includes accessory fan)
• Vertical or Horizontal Operation to Save Desktop Space
Secure Backup Solution
• SecureLockWare™ Software for Windows® PC Encrypts Your Data from Unauthorized Access
• Memeo™ AutoBackup software for PCs and Macs Included

DriveStation TurboUSB
BUFFALO 500GB Drivestation Turbo USB E
  • 500GB DriveStation Turbo USB E
BUFFALO Buffalo Technology DriveStation Combo 500 GB USB 2.0/FireWire 400 Desktop External Hard Drive HD-CE500IU2 (Black)
  • DriveStation Combo; USB 2.0 Cable ;Setup CD Rom with Memeo Backup Software; FireWire (I 1394a) Cable; AC Adapter;Warranty Statement
  • Turns On and Off automatically with your computer
  • Supports USB 2.0/1.1 and FireWire 400- TurboUSB Transfer Rates - up to 20% faster
  • Pre-formatted Drive for Immediate Use with Auto-Power Feature
  • Conserve energy with Unique Heat Sink Chassis keeps internal parts cool. Silent, fan-less design
BUFFALO Buffalo Technology DriveStation Combo4 2.0 TB Desktop External Hard Drive USB 2.0/FireWire 800/400/eSATA HD-HS2.0TQ
  • Get the best data transfer speed possible with your choice of any high performance connectivity ports.
  • TurboUSB - Increases your file transfer speed!
  • Easy Setup does not require drivers
  • Pre-formatted drive for immediate use
  • Turns On and Off automatically with your computer
  • Connect your PC or Mac with USB 2.0, FireWire 400/800 or eSATA

Popular Q&A

Where can i find the "Buffalo, TurboUSB for USB Flash Drive" software?

I have a buffalo turbo usb flash drive and i backed up the software which was on the pen drive to my desktop, but my desktop crashed and i had to do a reinstall and lost everything.
I have tried the Buffalo website but cant seem to find it, can anyone help me ?

When I bought my flash drive, I plugged it into the computer and it began working automatically, both on Vista and Windows 7

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