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Buffalo Adapters transmission

Wifi as a means of picture transmission has come a long way since its inception. Whether it’s simple internet connectivity at a WiFi hotspot, to filing from a hotel, all the way to sophisticated wireless editing systems used by wire agencies at major sports events, one of the problems is always getting a good signal at a distance from the transmitter.

Many agencies use external antennas on their laptops at such events in order to improve the signal and reduce interference, usually in a pair to achieve antenna diversity. These systems are indeed effective, but usually require specific hardware with external antenna connectors, and are fairly expensive for the average user.

That’s why I was quite interested to see a new product being brought out by Buffalo – the Wireless-G High Gain USB 2.0 Adapter (model# WLI-U2-SG54HG). Instead of separate wifi cards and external antennas, this product is an all-in-one device that plugs into any USB port, requires no additional power, can attach to the back of the laptop screen with suction cups, and is priced at just under $50.

One thing to remember about all types of high-gain device is that while high-gain can help with receiving data from the access point, the access point still has to receive data from the user, so transmission power is also a key factor, and I can’t find any specs for this device. Time will tell whether this is hype or actually useful (I haven’t used it) but Buffalo does have a decent track record on high-gain wireless devices. Senao is another company that makes decent high performance wireless gear. If you have a real need to compare the technical performance of different WiFi adapters, SeattleWireless is the place to go.

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