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Buffalo TeraStation Windows 7 Login

Windows 7, along with Windows Vista, both have issues interacting with Buffalo Terastation and similar Buffalo products. This is due to updated NTLM security settings in both Windows 7 and Vista. The un-patched behavior is continued prompts to log in / authenticate to the NAS.

Buffalo has released a registry patch that allows Windows 7 and Vista to connect to their Terastation NAS products, by lowering the security level to Windows XP compatible NTLM security. This is a downgrade, but I have thus far had no problem with it. Check out the readme below that’s included in the download:

This registry patch files enables Windows(R) Vista(TM) PCs to
work with Buffalo NAS products. This patch is installed
directly onto Windows Vista PCs.

WARNING: This file is only for use on Vista PCs, it is NOT
required or supported on any other operating system.

This patch is only required when using one of the following
Buffalo NAS products:- LinkStation (HD-HLAN)
- Gigabit LinkStation (HG-HGLAN)
- LinkStation Home Server (HS-DGL)
- TeraStation (HD-DTGL/R5)
- TeraStation Home Server (HS-DTGL/R5)
- TeraStation Pro (TS-TGL/R5)

1) Double click on the Buffalo_NAS_Vista_Support.reg file
2) Press the ‘Yes’ button when prompted.
3) Press the ‘OK’ button to exit the patch file.
4) Restart your Vista computer.

Applying this patch lowers the NTLM authentication
level to be compatible with some of Buffalo’s NAS products.
This NTLM authentication level is equivalent to the level
used in Windows XP.

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I’m attaching the files for ease of access, just in case Buffalo takes them down for some reason. For those that want to be very cautious, I’m including the link directly to the page on Buffalo’s site so that you can download the files directly from them.

This location will require you to enter product model number or name, but will show you all downloads available for the that product.

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