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Buffalo TeraStation replacement drives

Accessory Type Replacement hard drives for TeraStation™ NAS Replacement fans for TeraStation™ NAS Replacement power supplies for Buffalo storage solutions Memory expansion kits for TeraStation™ NAS

For legacy products TeraStation Live (HD-DHGL/R5 & TS-RHGL/R5), TeraStation III (TS-HGL/R5) and TeraStation III iSCSI (TS-RIGL/R5), use replacement hard drive model TS-OPHD-H.

LinkStation Quad 6 TB & TeraStation ES, III and III iSCSI 6 TB models (specifically: LS-Q6.0TL/R5, TS-XE6.0TL/R5, TS-X6.0TL/R5, TS-RX6.0TL/R5 and TS-RIX6.0TL/R5) use 1.5 TB HDDs and should use OP-HD1.5T as the replacement drive. For all other capacities and models, please refer to the chart above and then select the appropriate capacity.

* Some TeraStation devices were originally supplied with 512 or 4K drives depending on when they were produced. It is recommended to replace drives with the same sector size to maintain proper performance. If the TeraStation currently has 512-byte sector HDDs, then OP-HD512K-3Y replacement drives should be used. If the system has 4K sector drives installed, then OP-HD4K-3Y should be used. Mixing sector size hard drives inside the same array can lead to reduced RAID performance. Specifically for TeraStation Pro WSS units, mixing sector sizes is not supported and RAID arrays cannot be rebuilt using mixed drives.

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