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Buffalo TeraStation TS5200D

Buffalo TeraStation Login password

Axis Design Tool for planning the network load, bandwidth and storage capacity

The Axis Design Tool shall be used prior to all further decision as first step in deployment. This tool calculates the bandwidth and storage capacity needed by each camera and summarizes the demands of all individual cameras as output. The calculated overall storage capacity is very important to choose the correct dimension of the TeraStation NVR for Axis.
Network Storage capability of any Axis camera is available with firmware version 5.40 and higher, so please make sure to have the latest firmware installed in the cameras.
All configuration tasks regarding cameras and network attached storage is done from within the Axis Camera Companion, so please make sure to have the latest version of Axis Camera Companion.

Software in use
Axis Camera Companion, the management software for cameras and storage

Buffalo NAS Navigator Tool for TeraStation, Microsoft Windows Version:

Buffalo NAS Navigator Tool for TeraStation, Apple Macintosh Version:

Hardware in use
- Any Axis camera
- PoE Switch with suitable amount of LAN ports, recommended for the cameras
- Buffalo TeraStation TS5200D NVR for Axis
normal power connection 100-240 Volt, 50/60 Hz
- a router for DHCP-Service (not a must-have, Static IP is recommended)

Best practice suggestions
• Change the default, preset password to secure the TeraStation. This is done from the default “File Sharing” section of the administration UI. Under the “Users” area, you can click on the admin user and change the password.

• Set the Buffalo TeraStation NVR with a static IP address on the same network as used for the cameras. By default, TeraStation products will obtain an IP address via DHCP. For long term reliability, a static IP address will ensure that the cameras always record to the right IP address. A static IP address can be easily set in the TeraStation UI through the Network Menu and then the IP Address settings area.

• Secure the share intended to be used for recordings on the TeraStation NVR with Access Restrictions. This is done from the default “File Sharing” section of the administration UI, under Folder Setup. Select and edit the share that will be used to store recordings and enable Access Restrictions. Select the admin account and specify Read/Write access by selecting the Radio button under “W/R” associated with the admin account (or any other account that will have access to the raw recordings).

At this stage please power up the cameras and the TeraStation NVR for Axis.

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