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Drives for installation

Buffalo TeraStation install new drives

Download The Latest Firmware

Go to the archived section at this address if you have an older Terastation Pro to obtain the latest firmware. And save it to your desktop. Create a new folder call it Buffalo Bios and extract the files using winzip or winrar to this folder. Make a copy of this folder just in case.

Take screenshots of your existing Terastation setup so you have something to refer to later

Backup Your Buffalo Files

Using a reliable temporary place to store your current Buffalo files move them over to a new folder called Buffalo Files. After the files are moved over delete the current Buffalo files just as a precaution and empty the BUffalo trash can folder.

Break The Current Raid

Log into your Terastation web interface, go to system then go to storage, go down to raid array, click on the raid you want to break, click on delete Raid array. You will be asked to enter in the four digit code then to confirm that this is the action you want to perform. This will take a few minutes and you will need to log back into your web interface to proceed once the raid is broken.

Removing The Hard Drives From The Drives Listing

One you log back into the web interface for your Terastation click on system, click on storage, and then you will see a list of hard drives. Here is what I did and what I suggest you follow.
I started by removing the fourth hard drive first. Click on the fourth hard drive, then click on remove you will be asked to enter the four digit number and asked to confirm that this is what you want to do. Do the same for the third and second hard drives. LEAVE THE FIRST HARD ALONE AT THIS POINT.

Shutdown the Terastation Properly

All three lower hard drives have been removed from the hard drive listing, go to the maintenance tab of your Terastation and click on shut down. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, shutting down this way is the preferred way always so as not to ruin the controller board or any of the hardware inside.

Replacing The Hard Drives

Open the front panel of your Terastation and slide out the old disks, unscrew...

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