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Buffalo TeraStation firmware error

The 1.60 package is compatible with all of Microsoft’s operating systems, starting with Windows 2000 (including the Server Core platforms), and has separate files for the Mac OS as well.

As for the supported devices, this version is developed for the TeraStation TS-RXL, TS-XEL, TS-XL, TS-WX, and TS-XHL NASes.

The firmware fixes only a problem with the NAS device that couldn’t boot properly when used with certain hard drives.

Now, if you consider upgrading, you should know that if your current version is already 1.60, there is no need to install this package.

To check whether you need to apply this update or not, select TeraStation in NAS Navigator2 and read the firmware version displayed in the bottom right-hand corner of the status screen.

Moreover, bear in mind that the device mustn’t be turned off while the upgrade is in progress, the USB drives won’t be mounted automatically after updating and, if the latest Navigator2 isn’t installed, the "Unknown error occurred" message may appear after the firmware is applied.

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Buffalo TeraStation Firmware Upgrade.

I looked around on the buffalotech.com site but couldn't find a product listing for the model you listed (HS-DH0.0TGL/R5); there are several similar models listed (HS-DH1.0TGL/R5, -DH2.0, etc). You want to double-check that you've downloaded the correct firmware for your model.

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