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Buffalo Switchboard Matting

Buffalo brand switchboard matting meets and exceeds the parameters of ASTM D-178-01. This specification covers the accepted testing standards of rubber insulating matting for use as a floor covering for the protection of workers. ASTM D-178-01 specifies rubber only, not PVC or plastic.

Switchboard matting is rubber matting designed to insulate workers in high voltage areas. It is used as floor covering to prevent shock around high voltage electrical apparatuses, fuse boxes, switchgear, control panels and heavy machinery.

For availability of this stock item, please contact the Buffalo Matting & Rubber Sales Department at 866-475-6494.

ASTM-D-178-01 is the updated Standard Specification for Rubber insulating matting. Nowhere in the specification is vinyl or plastic matting covered. The absence of vinyl/plastic is legitimate as this polymer has drawbacks in safety applications.

Drawbacks of Vinyl/Plastic:

1.) Limited temperature range - below 32°F, plastic becomes stiff and brittle.
Above 120°F it begins to soften. Loss of insulation properties becomes a distinct possibility.

2.) Slippery when wet - any liquid (water, oil, grease) will create a slippery surface.


This is the ASTM specification denoting thickness and dielectric test voltage. Buffalo Matting & Rubber produces RUBBER matting in all 4-classes (thicknesses) and supplies 3 standard widths. The widths are 24", 36", and 48". The thicknesses are 3/16", 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2".

Type & Class

Type 1 - non-oil resistant, non-ozone resistant, non-flame retardant.

Type 2 - Switchboard Corrugated Matting - Oil Resistant or Ozone Resistant or Flame Retardant. Type 2 has the same voltage rating as Type 1 in each thickness.

Class 1 - 3/16" thick - 20, 000 volts
Class 2 - 1/4" thick - 30, 000 volts
Class 3 - 3/8" thick - 40, 000 volts
Class 4 - 1/2" thick - 50, 000 volts

Standard Width 3/16" 1/4" 3/8" 1/2"
ASTM D178-01 Type 1-Class
Volts When New 20, 000 30, 000 40, 000 50, 000
24" Part # T1C1-24 T1C2-24 T1C3-24 T1C4-24
36" T1C1-36 T1C2-36 T1C3-36 T1C4-36
48" T1C1-48 T1C2-48 T1C3-48 T1C4-48
Feet/Roll 75 60
Max. Pieces/Roll
Other widths available on special order.
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