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Buffalo switch Reviews

As we have stated in previous reviews: If you're looking into building a network for your home office or small business,unmanaged switches carry tremendous value. The value in these switches mainly comes from their many ports of connectivity,but also the ease of use; all of which can be accomplished through a switch such as the Buffalo G2124U.

Build quality of the unit is great,with the shell made from steel. Performance of the unit in our testing was on par with the previous Linksys switch we tested when it came to throughput,but the Buffalo seemed to excel in response times by a slight margin. Similarly,we also found the Buffalo did quite well with HTTPS and FTP connections,touching near 4000 transaction per second in each of those tests.

Overall,as an unmanaged switch,I feel the Buffalo is a great option when building a network,and as our test results confirmed,the switch excels in areas our previous samples did not. Though,personal preference may dictate whether or not you like the activity indicators on a separate panel (like the Buffalo),or on each port (like many other switches). I tend to not have a preference here. It is also worth mentioning that the Buffalo,even though it's a rack mountable switch,carries a small footprint,and so it's not too farfetched to say that it would make a great desktop variant as well.

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