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Buffalo router switch on off auto

This is a fantastic product, especially if you understand networking.

The web configuration interface isn't designed for a novice but then you can't expect a router to teach networking.
There is no Guest wifi option, but everything else I hoped for was present (and I was hoping for a lot!).

This product has a "Router" on/off/auto switch which allows it to be easily used to add wifi to an existing wired network. Sadly the start up guide doesn't explain in simple terms how to use this / plug the Internet connection into the LAN part of the router instead of the Internet port. The documentation could do with showing the 3 most popular network configurations this router could be used for and how to set Default Gateway parameters for each.

It took me around 10 minutes to set up, that includes entering all my static routes, a PPTP VPN server, DHCP server, change passwords... I found it as easy to configure as any top level managed switch, or multi WAN router - I was very pleased with the interface and time it takes to reboot after each "Apply".

I was torn between the £80 model and this £30 one - i'm glad I saved the £50.

As with most wifi routers you are able to specify the wifi channel to use. There is one other wifi network within range which is running on channel 11. When set on "auto" this project used channel 1, which gave me a RSSI of -70dBm at 3 metres. I experimented with all the channels and found channel 5 to be the best here, this gave me an RSSI of -46dBm at 3m straight line with no obstacles, -65dBm RSSI at 6m through one floor and one single brick wall, and -80dBm through 2 pieces of glass and then 40 metres.

This is NOT a wifi repeater.

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