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Make Buffalo router repeater

This petite product pulls multiple duties, working extremely well as an access point but with only adequately when trying to extend range.

Model: WLA-G54C
Price: $199
Pros: Small, supports bridging and repeater functions
Cons: Poor range in repeater mode


The WLA-G54C is housed in a much smaller package than Buffalos related router/AP. In fact, its in the same small vertical chassis as the companys USB WLAN adapter, so its compact enough to be unobtrusive almost anywhere. The unit includes a flat base for desktop operation as well as a wall-mounting bracket. Like all Buffalo products, the Broadcom-chipset WLA-654C uses an internal antenna system, and an MC-type connector is provided for use with external antennas.

The configuration interface of the WLA-G54C is the same as that of Buffalos other products, which is to say its not the most well-designed or intuitive layout, but its easy enough to master once you become familiar with its idiosyncrasies. (One example: features that arent available in the device, like packet filtering, still are presented in the menus.)

Other strangeness: When I plugged the unit in for the first time, both of the indicators (only twoEthernet and Wireless) were dark - the unit takes about 5-10 seconds to come online and illuminate its lights.

When in AP mode, the WLA-G54C offers a full compliment of wireless features, including output power adjustable in 1mW increments (22 mW is the maximum), and wireless privacy separation, to prevent WLAN clients from accessing each other. In addition to WEP, both WPA (with either TKIP or AES encryption) and RADIUS authentication are supported.

AP Performance

As an access point, the performance of the WLA-G54C was quite good, particularly at shorter distances. Throughput was a robust 21.83 Mbps at 10 feet, and remained relatively high through most of the distance range18.33 Mbps at 25 feet, 17.04 at 50 feet, 15.48 at 75 feet, 6.32 at 100 feet and 3.43 at 125 feet.

Mixed mode performance at 10 feet was 11.64 Mbps, while turning on WPA encryption resulted in the typical penalty, reducing throughput at 10 feet from 21.83 to 15.25.

Repeater Performance

The WLA-G54C bridge and repeater functions operate using the standardized Wireless Distribution System (WDS) specification. As a repeater, the range of the WLA-G54C was somewhat of a disappointment, at least in the environments I tested the product in.
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BUFFALO Buffalo WHR-G54S Wireless Broadband Route
  • Package Contents - Wireless Cable/DSL Router, Power Supply, Ethernet cable, Setup CD with User Manual, Quick Setup Guides, and Warranty Statement
  • Easy Setup with AOSS (AirStation One-Touch Secure System)
  • High-level Security with WPA, Privacy Separator, and Intrusion Detector
  • SPI Firewall
  • WDS Support (Bridge & Repeater Mode)
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