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Buffalo router setup WHR-HP-G300N

Buffalo Technology AirStation Nfiniti WHR-HP-G300NDec 27

There are many types of computer accessories and peripherals, and most are relatively simple to setup and painless to use. But there are also those that can send novices and advanced users alike into fits of conniption. Products of this ilk are few – but notable – and none exemplifies their frustration, aggravation and complication more than the wireless router.

I’ve owned and/or used ten wireless routers – give or take – over the years, some of which were usable, but worthy of no further praise. Others were terrible. Just two were excellent performers, both made by Buffalo Technology. The first was the Buffalo AirStation . It served me well for more than two years until, about two months ago, I decided it was finally time to transition to an 802.11n Wi-Fi network. So, the WHR-G54S was retired and replaced by the Buffalo Technology AirStation Nfiniti WHR-HP-G300N.

The upgrade made me nervous, not because I didn’t trust Buffalo, which had managed to produce the only wireless router I’d ever loved (yeah, I’m a geek), but because when something works well, there’s always the possibility that its replacement will disappoint.

But the WHR-HP-G300N has done nothing of the sort. It is – in every way I can measure – better than my previous Buffalo model, and every other wireless router I’ve used. Here’s a wireless router I can recommend without reservation.

Buffalo DD-WRT Software InterfaceProduct Brief

The Buffalo Nfiniti WHR-HP-G300N is a sleek, attractive 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi router with a combination glossy and matte plastic housing. There are two removable, adjustable and upgradable high-power antennae which give the wireless router up to three times the range of other routers. You can also greatly extend that range by adding other units as repeaters.

There are 4 Ethernet ports for wired network connections which offer 10/100Mbps support. The maximum wireless transfer rate is 300Mbps, but you’ll need a compatible adapter on your client device (laptop, game console, etc.) in order to approach this maximum speed. The router offers support for 2.4GHz range Wi-Fi connections, but not 5GHz.

The router ships with a custom build of the Linux-based, which I had manually installed on my WHR-G54S shortly after getting it. DD-WRT is, in my opinion, the best router firmware available and gives you a wide range of configuration options; and because it comes pre-installed on the WHR-HP-G300N, the somewhat daunting task of flashing the stock firmware is a thing of the past.

Other features include an Atheros 7240 SoC running at 400MHz, 32MB of RAM, 8MB of flash storage, 2×2 performance, wireless security standards support including WPA2-PSK (AES, TKIP), WPA-PSK (AES, TKIP), and 128/64-bit WEP, security setup, , Virtual Private Networking, pay-to-use hotspot options, MAC filtering, port forwarding, and more.

The router carries a 2-year warranty.

Using the WHR-HP-G300N

Setting up the AirStation Nfiniti is made simple with Buffalo’s included software, but more advanced users are also free to configure the router manually in the setup interface (reachable in a web browser at Once you’ve connected your modem to the router and configured the firmware, you’re ready to go.

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Popular Q&A

Why is the wireless light on my belkin router red?

Everything seems to be working fine but now and then the wireless light on the router will turn red (and it blinks). Does anyone know why this may be? I had my cousin help me with it and he says it is secured. When he secured it it gave us a password so that we can add other computers. Is somebody trying to use our internet?
If this doesn't make sense I'm sorry I don't really know much about computers. :(

red usually indicates a problem, but if you look at the manual that came with the router or on the belkin support website it will tell explain what all the LEDs indicate

My dsl internet is going out randomly is it because of the weather?

I have filters on my phones and the light on my router is on but every 20 minutes while in use the internet will go out. When this happens the light on the router will turn red. We just got a ton of snow yesterday and it started yesterday during the snow storm. Do you think the snow storm effected the internet at all?

it all depends on your provider and in most cases the weather would not effect your internet. where are you located? Could bee just alot of people on right now considering nothing else to do than sit on the internet while the snow is outside.
Like I said check outages with your service provider.

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