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Log Output Enable Enable Limitation Item Number of Packets Prohibit configuration from wireless LAN 0 Prohibit configuration from wired LAN 0 Internet Side Remote Access Setting Enable Limitation Item Permit configuration from wired Internet Permitted IP address Permitted Port Help Management Access You may prohibit management of the AirStation in specific circumstances. Enabling any of these limitations will prevent changes being made to the AirStation’s settings from PCs that meet the listed limitation criteria. Note that checking all of these boxes at once will make it very difficult to make future changes to the AirStation’s settings. Log Output Checking this box will record "Management Access" information to a log. Logging is disabled by default. Prohibit configuration from wireless LAN Prohibits administration from any computer that is connected to the local network wirelessly. The default is disabled. Prohibit configuration from wired LAN Prohibits the administration from a wired computer on the LAN side. The default is disabled. Caution If Wireless side/Wired side setting is prohibited, review and configure settings are not allowed until factory default settings are restored. Internet Side Remote Access Setting IP Address and Port Number to allow remote access from the Internet. Permit configuration from the wired Internet Permits administration from a wired computer on the Internet side. If this is selected, enter an IP address and a port number from which remote access from the Internet side is permitted. Access from the Internet side is not logged. Permission IP address Enter the IP address that will be allowed to remotely manage the router from the Internet side. To allow all IP addresses, leave this box blank. Permission Port Enter the port number for remotely accessing the AirStation’s configuration GUI from the Internet side. Ports between 1 and 65535 may be set. To remotely configure the AirStation from the Internet side: Type the following into a browser window (assuming port 8080 and a Internet side IP address of ""): " ". NAT must be enabled for this to work.

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.. faire pour développer des supports de stockage externes compatibles avec la technologie révolutionnaire Thunderbolt : Les MiniStation. Les disques externes Buffalo Ministation intègrent soit un SSD soit un disque dur magnétique pour répondre à tous .

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Buffalo MiniStation: Thunderbolt 1TBI have a couple of these to store instrument samples and projects. It doesn't need any external power and runs off Thunderbolt or USB 3.0, so it's incredibly portable.

Buffalo Buffalo 11ac (Draft) 1300 Plus 450mbps Wireless LAN Base Unit Wzr-1750dhp
PC Accessory (Buffalo)
  • Speedstandard with the successor of I802.11n standard, only the 5GHz band.
  • Excellent transfer of large capacity, ideal for standard to transfer the video.
  • High-speed optical line to take advantage of (1Gbps), wired routing speed 900Mbps Over!!   (DHCP mode)
  • Connect with various devices in the USB port. New webUI that can be easily operated by anyone from smartphone · PC. Smartphone-tablet is the remote control of the...
  • Relay function deployment to eliminate the blind spot of radio. I can relay in the product in the past and other companies (I limited to the WPS · AOSS with machine)
Buffalo 2DV1939 - Buffalo LinkStation Pro LS-QV8.0TL/R5 Network Storage Server
Office Product (Buffalo)
  • Hard_Drive_Interface - Serial ATA
  • Number_Of_Hard_Drives - 4
  • Total_Hard_Drive_Capacity - 8 TB
  • Hard_Drive_Configuration - 4 x 2 TB
  • Bays - 4 x Occupied
Desktops & Laptops BUFFALO LinkStation Pro Duo 2-Bay Diskless Enclosure High Performance Network Attached Storage (NAS) - LS-WVL/E Size: Diskless PC, Computer, Hardware
Car Audio or Theater (Desktops & Laptops)
  • High performance 1.6 GHz processor
  • Transfer speeds up to 72 MBps
  • NovaBACKUP for Windows PCs
  • Time Machine support for Macs
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