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Buffalo router red light

It is possible to recover the later versions with a U-Boot version that does not support Ctrl-C, but it requires the use of TFTP for the firmware upload. The router will wait for a TFTP connection for a few seconds before booting, but almost impossible to time this correctly without having the serial interface connected. So based on experience from fernandoavc the best option is to follow this guide and then, once you get to the point where you can see it's waiting for a TFTP connection (in Putty), you should instead initiate the firmware upload from Pumpkin. Best chance of success is when you use a hub between the router and your PC (because Windows often closes down the NIC when it's not detecting a connected device, and it's very slow to re-open it).

Please note that the procedure described below will not work for all versions of this router. Some versions, don't know which exactly, will have a modified version of U-Boot (identified version 1.07, only confirmed working version is 1.0) that does not accept the ctrl-c command line needed for the firmware update. And it appears that TFTP update during boot is not an option either.

If anyone found a way to update these newer models, please let me know and I'll update the thread and of course give full credit.

I've had this router for some time and been really happy with it, it's got lots of nice features, gigabit switch, 450Mbit wireless, high power/long range etc. Never had any problems with it, I just set it up when I first got it and it's been running ever since.

Anyway, it got bricked and in a few post I will go though the way I found to recover it and with all the hours I spent on it I thought I would share in case others get into the same situation. It's quite a long procedure, so I'll split it into a few posts.

First, how it got bricked (skip this if you just want the technical details)

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Why is the wireless light on my belkin router red?

Everything seems to be working fine but now and then the wireless light on the router will turn red (and it blinks). Does anyone know why this may be? I had my cousin help me with it and he says it is secured. When he secured it it gave us a password so that we can add other computers. Is somebody trying to use our internet?
If this doesn't make sense I'm sorry I don't really know much about computers. :(

red usually indicates a problem, but if you look at the manual that came with the router or on the belkin support website it will tell explain what all the LEDs indicate

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