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Buffalo router cannot connect Internet

First, I apologize. I have a strong sense that this is somewhere on the internet but I can't find the correct key words to get the information.

The Setup:
1x Buffalo Router (WZR-HP-300NH) with DHCP enabled and 5 addresses available (and I believe running a version of DD-WRT but I am not overly experienced with it yet)
1x Wired Computer with static IP
1x Wired Wii with static IP
1x Wireless-G Computer connected with WPA2-AES with Dynamic IP
1x Wireless-G HP 6500 Printer connected with WPA2-AES with Static IP

The Problem:
The wireless computer, if set with a static IP, will connect to the network but not see the internet. When assigned by the DHCP, it connects and uses the internet without a problem. I don't recall ever having this problem before with my previous wireless router but it has been ages since I set that one up.

In the end, I want all my devices to have static IPs and leave only 2ish DHCP addresses setup for visitors with laptops.

Ultimately, I would be happy with some helpful hints and I'll be happy to post the solution for others if it works.
Like I said before, I have this sinking suspicion that it's an easy fix and that I'm just overlooking the obvious in my frustration.

BUFFALO BUFFALO AirStation N150 Wireless Router - WCR-GN
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  • Push-button setup with AirStation One-Touch Secure System
  • Wi-Fi certified for maximum compatibility
  • Supports QoS - WMM Wi-Fi Multimedia
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Buffalo MiniStation: Thunderbolt 1TBI have a couple of these to store instrument samples and projects. It doesn't need any external power and runs off Thunderbolt or USB 3.0, so it's incredibly portable.

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  • The WLAN client supports the WPA encryption
  • LAN AP client and the LAN client with automatic IP address assignment
  • The network name (SSID) of the LAN must be set visible
  • 110 ~ 230-volt socket,US standard plugs
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