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Buffalo Nfiniti router Troubleshooting


The Features
While performance is good enough, this isn't a router you would buy strictly for speed. The AirStation is all about the features. Unlike many of the leading consumer routers available in the market such as Cisco Linksys E2500 Advanced Dual-Band Wireless-N Router, the AirStation can be configured to operate in several wireless modes: AP, Client, Client Bridge, or Adhoc WDS. Enterprise-level security is available with WPA2 Enterprise and RADIUS.

The management interface gives lots of control over wireless settings. If so inclined, you can manually set channels as well as channel width. The router supports not only 20 MHz and 40 MHz but half and quarter channel width as well.

The meaty features are provided by the DD-WRT software. DD-WRT allows the router to operate in several routing modes; gateway, BGP, RIP2 or as just a plain router. Other advanced features include Open VPN, filtering, VPN pass through security and support for up to 8 wireless interfaces.

The DD-WRT software also has other third-party software to allow the router to serve different purposes. For example, the management interface includes Sputnik, which allows you to setup the router as a hot spot. My Ad Network is another software system that lets allows users to make money by creating an AnchorFree Hotspot. It also has Milkfish, which furnishes the router with PBX-like VoIP features, turning DD-WRT Routers into SIP-aware Firewalls.

I've only touched on some of the available features. As you can surmise, this router is appropriate for business use or for anyone who needs features that extend beyond most commercial routers and are often only found with business class access points.

The Performance

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Buffalo WZR2-G300N / Wireless-N Nfiniti Broadband Cable Router?

how can you see who is connected to my wireless router because it doesn't show you in command prompt

Connect directly to the router via your web browser: or something like that, then look at the status for DHCP clients.

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