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Buffalo MiniStation Extreme Amazon

I read many reviews of external drives before buying this one. It's easily one of the fastest out of the current crop of USB 3.0 external 2.5" drives, often faster that alternatives at reading and writing files, and it's very well made. Most alternatives have a cheap plastic feel and look but the Ministation Extreme is very solid with a quality feel. The plastic is thick and chunky and doesn't bend or rattle. The back is covered in textured hard rubber with a slight leathery feel. Even the cables are high quality. It also has better shock protection than most other drives.

Theres some nice little touches as well, for instance the light on the drive will turn blue when connected to a device that has USB 3.0, but the light will turn green when connected to USB 2.0. From my own testing, using 3.0 is often 2 - 3 times quicker at copying files.

The attached USB cable that wraps around the outer side of the casing is great as you dont have to carry around a separate cable, which used to annoy me with older drives i've had. The attached cable fits nicely in to a groove down the side as you can see from the pics, you can flick it up and pull it out. But the drive also comes with a separate extension cable if you need extra length although i've had no use for it yet.

I cant say much about the included software because i've not used it as i already have alternatives that do the same things. But if you've got a older computer then the included Turbo PC EX software can speed up file copying. If you have a computer with SSD's this is pretty pointless though.

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.. faire pour développer des supports de stockage externes compatibles avec la technologie révolutionnaire Thunderbolt : Les MiniStation. Les disques externes Buffalo Ministation intègrent soit un SSD soit un disque dur magnétique pour répondre à tous .

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Buffalo MiniStation: Thunderbolt 1TBI have a couple of these to store instrument samples and projects. It doesn't need any external power and runs off Thunderbolt or USB 3.0, so it's incredibly portable.

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Which one is better buffalo MiniStation Extreme or Western Digital My Passport Essential SE?

Go for Buffalo's MiniStation Extreme.
The decision was a little tougher. Both support USB 3.0 and are available in 1TB size.
Smaller sized Drives are also available.
The major difference is the price.
Buffalo is a lot cheaper than My Passport.

Where can I find review on Buffalo MiniStation Extreme?

Our 1TB drive came in black, but the drive is also available in 500GB capacity and in a variety of different colours. It’s a little chunkier than most of its portable rivals, but that’s because of the military-standard shock-proof casing that is designed to withstand drops of up to 2.3m.

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