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Buffalo MicroStation SSD Portable 32GB

Buffalo Microstation SSD based hard drive stands the test of drops
A close relative has asked me recently what the possibility to add on an internal hard drive for a laptop to increase its storage capacity for storing all the big tons of movie clips that he has. Of course my immediate response was it’s best to get an external portable hard drive.

An external or portable hard drive is definitely handy if you wanna store your data and precious clips, and you can bring around and lend it to your friends anytime. But one little concern is we’re somehow little careless and tend to drop those portable hard drives.

A platter-based (hard disk) hard drive with moving mechanical head and parts will tend to stop functioning after couple of times of dropping it. The ideal one is to get an external portable hard drive which is flash or SSD-based (Solid State Drive), if the price isn’t your major concern.

Buffalo has recently rolled out their SSD hard drive which is called Microstation, which is certainly what we wanna keep an eye and it’s in our wish list now. The Buffalo Microstation weighs about 60g and has dimensions of 89 x 57 x 14mm. As mentioned SSD-based hard drive is definitely more durable to drop. In fact, it shouldn’t bring much effect since it’s got no moving parts that are vulnerable to drop.

And of course, the little short is it’s got much smaller storage capacity than the platter-based hard drive. The Microstation will come in three sizes which are 32GB, 64GB and 100GB. And the price of a 32GB costs you $200, which is certainly much more expensive than an average external platter-disk hard drive. The Buffalo Microstation comes with a USB connector which you just hook it up to your computer’s USB port, which works exactly like those platter-based hard drives.

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