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The Enter Password dialog

Buffalo AirStation Administrator password

Administrator Name root (fixed) Administrator Password (Confirmation) Help AirStation Administrator Password Administrator name This is the user name used to log into the AirStation’s configuration screens. It cannot be changed from ’root’. Administrator password Configure the Administrator Password to review the AirStation settings. Change your root password here. Password may use alphanumetric characters and underscores [_], and may be up to 8 characters long. Note: The default password field The password is displayed as ’********’ for security reasons. If the password is blank, it is displayed as blank. Display password To prevent peeping, the password field shows ’*’ even before any characters are entered. Edit password Remove ’********’ before entering a new password. Keep current password Don’t edit ’********’ if you want to keep the current password. Confirmation Password confirmation is required. Enter same password again. Note: To prevent hackers changing your AirStation’s settings, a root password is recommended. If used, settings cannot be changed without the password. If you misplace your password, pushing the initialization button on the main unit for more than 3 seconds will reset all settings, including the root password, to their initial values, unless the initialization button has been disabled, in which case you should probably think about buying a new router. Remember: If you disable your initialization button, don’t forget your password!

BUFFALO BUFFALO LinkStation Duo 2-Bay 1 TB (2 x 500 GB) RAID Network Attached Storage (NAS) - LS-WX1.0TL/R1
  • Quick Swap Drives: Easily accessible drives for quick replacement
  • Web Access: Share your photos, music, videos or data files with family, friends and colleagues over the Internet
  • Shared Storage: Store and share files from multiple PCs, laptops and Mac computers in one central location
  • Time Machine Support: Use the LinkStation Duo with Time Machine backup
  • Stream content to any DLNA compatible media player or use LinkStation Duo as content source from within your iTunes application
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