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NAS Buffalo LS-WXL LinkStation Duo

Buffalo LinkStation Duo


At a Glance
Summary Marvell Kirkwood-based dual-drive home / SOHO NAS with media servers, BitTorrent downloader and remote, secure web access.
Pros • LAMP webserver
• Secure, hosted remote access
• Media and print servers
Cons • Slow for a Kirkwood NAS
• Slow USB backup
• No non-Buffalo rsync support for network backup
• Only one USB port

LinkStation Duo with covers removedThe LinkStation Duo is Buffalo's attempt to produce a more affordable dual-drive NAS than its TeraStation Duo. Although it has a pretty good feature set, unfortunately, I think Buffalo left too much performance on the cutting-room floor.

The Link Duo introduces a new enclosure that gets many things right. While not as compact as the LinkStation Mini, which uses 2.5" SATA drives, the Link Duo is about as small as you can get for a dual 3.5" SATA drive NAS.Front and rear panels The matte black (thank you, Buffalo, for not creating yet another glossy black fingerprint magnet!) plastic case is wrapped around a metal chassis.

Figure 1 shows the two drives that are easily accessible by simply sliding off the front cover. This makes the drives easy to get to when they fail, although they are not hot-swappable.

Figure 1: LinkStation Duo with covers removed

And speaking of drive swapping, the Link Duo doesn't have the ability to start naked and let you add your own drives. This is because part of the OS is on the drives and can't be loaded from flash.

You can, however, remove a single drive, replace it with a larger one, let the array rebuild and then repeat the process for the first drive. But Buffalo tells me that this is "not a supported configuration". So you might want to wait until the Duo's one year warranty period expires before trying this.

Figure 2 shows the front and rear panels with all indicators and ports explained. Note that there is only one USB 2.0 port, no eSATA ports and USB hubs are not supported. The single 10/100/1000 Ethernet port supports up to 9K jumbo frames.

BUFFALO BUFFALO LinkStation Duo 2-Bay 1 TB (2 x 500 GB) RAID Network Attached Storage (NAS) - LS-WX1.0TL/R1
  • Quick Swap Drives: Easily accessible drives for quick replacement
  • Web Access: Share your photos, music, videos or data files with family, friends and colleagues over the Internet
  • Shared Storage: Store and share files from multiple PCs, laptops and Mac computers in one central location
  • Time Machine Support: Use the LinkStation Duo with Time Machine backup
  • Stream content to any DLNA compatible media player or use LinkStation Duo as content source from within your iTunes application
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