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Buffalo NAS LinkStation Duo software

Buffalo Technology provides a wide range of NAS solutions for Personal, Home and Small Office use. These solutions offer a space-efficient shared storage with access over a local network. Unfortunately, despite enhanced reliability of modern NAS solutions they still remain exposed to failures and data losses.

This article describes data recovery methods from popular LinkStation and TeraStation Duo NAS solutions of Bufallo Technology using UFS Explorer RAID Recovery.

Getting started

Warning! The instructions below assume that you have basic skills to manipulate hard disk drives. Any physical damages to hard drives may cause permanent data loss. If you are not completely sure you can work with hardware, please, turn to professional data recovery services.

Attention! This article contains details about NAS state after its resetting to factory defaults. Please read the article carefully for information about data recovery from a failed device after resetting.

The most common causes of data loss from NAS storages include:

  • Hard drive failure;
  • Electrical damage or overheating of the storage;
  • Software failure or faulty firmware update;
  • Accidental deletion of important information by user mistake.

Data recovery chances from NAS storages depend on the NAS model and data loss causes.

As NAS devices don't provide low-level access to data you'll have to disassemble the storage and connect its hard drives to a recovery computer before you start data recovery. Preparation steps include:

  1. Eject the hard drive from the device;
  2. Make sure the hard drive is workable. If the data loss was caused by a logical failure such as files deletion or NAS re-initialization hard drives remain not damaged. In cases of any physical damages caused by, for example, electrical damage or overheating hard drives fail and data recovery is possible only after hard drive repair. Bring your NAS to a specialized data recovery laboratory to avoid data loss;
  3. Connect the workable drive to a recovery PC (as described in 3. article;
  4. Recover your information with any of or software products.

For efficient recovery from NAS storages SysDev Laboratories advise their UFS Explorer software. UFS Explorer RAID Recovery was specially designed to work with complex RAID systems. UFS Explorer Professional Recovery offers professional approach to data recovery process. These software have embedded tools for RAID recovery. Other UFS Explorer products work with RAID systems via plug-in modules. All the software employ powerful mechanisms to allow you to achieve maximum possible recovery result and are 100% reliable to guarantee complete safety of the data stored on your NAS. For more detailed information, please, go to .

Prepare Hardware

Note: Do-it-yourself data recovery makes sense only when:

  • Both hard drives are workable;
  • For RAID1 (mirror) – at least one of the drives is workable.
To prepare the hard drives for data recovery follow these steps:
  1. Shut down your NAS;
  2. Remove the drives through the front panel: open the door and eject the enclosures;
  3. Mark the drives (Left/Right for Linkstation and Top/Bottom for Terastation) to re-assemble the device in the same order;
After NAS drives are successfully connected to a recovery PC you may start data recovery.
Data Layout

LinkStation and TeraStation NASes have equal data layout:

Figure 2. Build RAID tool icon in UFS Explorer. Builder dialog
Figure 3. RAID Builder tool in UFS Explorer.
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