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Buffalo LinkStation slow network

Hello, I just purchases a Buffalo Link station 2TB NAS, it worked very well for a few hours, however the next day (today) it is very slow (by this I mean that when I try to access it view windows 7 on any computers on my network the green loading bar comes up on the top of explorer, and starts out fast, but slows down and by the time its at the end loading bar it has stopped moving. I tried deleting all the data I had put on the drive but it did not help.) Does anyone know what I could do to fix this, or is this probably just a DUD project that I got?

Windows 7
Intel Z77 chipest
Sabertooth Z77 MoBo
Integrated NIC
Apple Time capsual router
wired internet to router
2TB Baffalo Link station hooked up directly to the router

I had the same problem and searched the web and Buffalo's site looking for a solution.
I finally figured it out on my own.
Turn off all the mediaserver and bittorrent and time machine stuff and its performance isn't too bad.
Evidently all of these services bog down the processor so much it can't do what it's supposed to...read and write files.

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