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Buffalo LinkStation lx-s3 Manual

The Buffalo LinkStation Pro LS-VL is a single-disk NAS (network-attached storage) unit, available with either a 1, 2 or 3TB disk inside. It lets you store, backup and share files over a network. It can also stream media files to your entertainment devices.

The Buffalo LinkStation Pro includes a setup and utilities disc for Windows and Mac OS. Also in the box are a quick setup guide, warranty documentation and a flat plain white ethernet cable. Power us from an external mains adaptor.

As a one-disk model, the Buffalo is about the same size as a typical external 3.5in hard drive, and is designed to stand on its side upright.

The shapely black case is glossy plastic, with just a small blue LED to indicate power. A thin silver line runs down the front with small 'V Buffalo' logos and function button at the bottom. We think the unit is stylish enough to blend into the home as a entertainment device.

Air vent perforations on the back and top assist airflow from a small fan on the back. We found it quiet for everyday office and home uses. But when using it as a music server for our hi-fi, the fan noise was a little distracting. Thanks to its compact size we were able to hide it away on a shelf behind books to help isolate the noise.

The back of the unit has a power connector, RJ45 ethernet, one USB 2.0 port (for external hard drive or USB thumbdrive) and a power on/off/auto switch.

A single drive means there’s no option to create a RAID system. However the USB connection allows for extra storage to be attached and used as backup of the internal disk.

Buffalo LinkStation Pro LS-VL: Setup

We connected the LinkStation to our router and powered it up. The device takes about a minute to startup and was easy to find on the network in OS X thanks to its Bonjour broadcasting. At this point we could just leave it as is and use the NAS as simple network storage. However, this device has many more functions.

To set these up we used the supplied utilities disc to install Buffalo’s Link Navigator software. Alternatively you can just use a web browser and setup through the unit’s admin page. The configuration options are for the most part straightforward, although we found it useful to follow the manual. If you're not familiar with such network devices, you’ll need these instructions as the settings can be a little tricky.

Configuration options let you the ability to setup file sharing, multiple users and workgroups, backups as well as web access. Printer, FTP and media servers are also available. For home use, iTunes and BitTorrent servers are included.

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