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Buffalo LinkStation Live Xbox 360

The Buffalo LinkStation Live is a designed to be an easy to set up NAS (Network Attached Storage) drive. Easy is a relative term in NAS drives, or indeed anything to do with networks at all. Setting up and running a NAS drive is typically a miserable affair of IP addresses, server connections, logins and passwords.

Buffalo goes a long way towards making this easier with its NAS Navigator 2 software for Mac OS X. This locates LinkStation drives on your network and mounts them for you. It's still a far shot from plugging in a USB or Thunderbolt drive, however, because you have to launch the NAS Navigator 2 to scan and mount the volume. However, this is one of the easiest NAS drive processes we've used (at least on Mac OS X).

By default you then get an extra drive under the Shared portion of the Finder sidebar, with a volume called 'share' that you can access like any other drive. Of course, the real advantage of a NAS drive is that it connects via Ethernet to your Wi-Fi router and can be accessed from any laptop on the network.

There are some downsides to using a NAS drive, the principle one being speed. We connected the Buffalo LinkStation Live directly to a Mac Pro and used Black Magic Design Disk Speed Test to benchmark it. The LinkStation Live delivered a measly 18.3 MB/s write speed and 31.5 MB/s read. This is well below the 50-100 MB/s an internal drive typically delivers, not to mention the 200-450 MB/s speeds that some of the newer SSDs and integrated MacBook flash drives are delivering. We copied a 1GB file to the drive and it took 48.4 secs to copy across.

But speed isn't really the issue with NAS drives. We found it perfectly capable of playing and streaming high definition video to our Mac, which is typically what you want to use the drive for. The great thing about a NAS drive is that it can be accessed by all Macs, and other devices such as PS3 and Xbox consoles, so you can use it to store and stream movies.

Buffalo LinkStation Live Ethernet
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