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A Word of Warning

Moving the disks to a regular i386 PC does not work.

As far as I can tell it's not possible to recognize the RAID devices from big-endian (PowerPC) systems on little-endian (i386) systems. Much less activate them.

You will get an error like:

invalid raid superblock magic on ...

This is, of cause, not realy a problem for the RAID1 partition, used for the system partition. There the mirrored data is the same on all devices. So you can access and mount it. But you should now write to them. The data will not be mirrored, and I don't know what will happen if the Terastation reads blocks from the "old" disks. So while it will work to bypasse the RAID layer and access the disk directly, all the documentation about MD tells you to never ever do this.

For RAID5 its more problematic. There the data can not be read with out activating the RAID. To activate it the superblock magic must be correct, if you read the complete error message you can see how the data is mixed up.

On a PowerPC system, e.g. an old Mac, you can use any Linux Live CD to activate the RAID and than backup you data. I've done so with a Mac mini, an Ubuntu Live CD and 4 USB to IDE adapters. Worked splendidly.

YMMV, it's your data after all.

Just the System partition

The following users have accessed the system partition bypassing the RAID/MD layer (newest first):


I apparently tossed my TS into E-M mode. Prior to figuring that out (when in E-M mode, the device has no open ports, contrary to my expectation, so I thought it was bricked), I was able to access the /dev/hda1 partition using Knoppix on my Intel-based laptop, with the Terastation's drive mounted in a USB external drive case.

In this config, the drive is /dev/uba1, and Knoppix helpfully provides a /mnt/uba1 mount point.

mount -t xfs /dev/uba1 /mnt/uba1

works splendidly. If you have an external drive case for a 3.5" drive, I highly recommend this method for accessing the Terastation's drives; it is a lot nicer than plugging into the internal IDE bus on a PC.


I was able to mount a corrupted system's /dev/hda1 system partition on an Intel system after running

xfs_repair -L

to zero out the log.

Since I was overwriting the volume (untarred a fresh system image) there wasn't any risk of corruption. After installing the files on one drive, the system synced itself back up automatically once back in the TeraStation.

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