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Buffalo DriveStation remove password

Every PC user needs a backup plan, and Buffalo is hoping you will choo-choo-choose them with its DriveStation TurboUSB. This is a drive that purports to offer turbo performance and great software. Though the software is decent, the turbo thing is questionable. And although the main software works wonderfully, the additional utilities are broken and worthless. Ignore them and you’ll have a great backup drive at a great price.

Features and Design

Like any backup drive, the DriveStation TurboUSB is a 320GB 7200rpm hard drive inside an enclosure (It is also offered in 500GB, 750GB, and 1TB capacities). And, as we’ve said before, when it comes to backup drives, it’s not the drive that makes the product special, but the software that is included. With that stated, let’s take a look at the included software.

Memeo: The main backup program included with the drive is Memeo, which we’ve reviewed before. Instead of running on a pre-determined backup schedule, it instantly backs up any files added to pre-selected backup folders. For example, if you set it to backup your “My Documents, ” as soon as you add one file to that folder it will be copied to the backup location on the drive.

TurboUSB: The drive includes a TurboUSB function that is claimed to boost data transfer rates by “up to 37 percent” over standard USB. How this is possible is a mystery, but Buffalo claims the drive can do it proudly on its box.

File Encryption: The drive ships with software named SecureLockWare that allows for 256-bit AES file encryption on any drive (and does not have to be used with the DriveStation, in other words).

Cool and Quiet: All versions of the drive that offer less than 1TB of capacity are fanless and totally silent. The 1TB version has a fan however, but since we did not test this unit we cannot say with any certainty what its sound profile is.

Image Courtesy of Buffalo Technology

Use and Testing

We freed the DriveStation from its box and plopped it down on our desk. We were immediately distraught at how short the included USB cable is. We’ve sampled a bevy of external drives in our day and this cord is by far the shortest we’ve ever seen, and looks to be about 30 inches long. It’s long enough to drop down behind our desk and plug into our PCs, so we’re not complaining too loudly, but if we wanted to move the drive to the upper deck of our Ikea Jerker desk, we’d be out of luck.

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