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Buffalo DriveStation Duo Reviews

Some of the A/V professionals in the audience might think 3 TB is "enough" for regular consumers, but they want and need even more space, as well as a more diverse storage solution overall. Enter the BUFFALO DriveStation Duo, a simple yet effect RAID solution that will keep any and all of your work as safe as possible.

We chose the 4 TB version of the BUFFALO DriveStation Duo, but the system is available in 2 TB and 6 TB flavors as well. The Duo has - you guessed it - two 3.5-inch hard drive slots, and our model shipped with dual 2 TB hard drives already installed. The Duo can operate each drive independently, or you can choose from RAID 0 (data striping), and RAID 1 (data mirroring). RAID 0 spreads all of your data evenly across the two drives, which increases speed and performance, while RAID 1 copies the same data onto each drive, which keeps your data doubly secure and error-free. Added security is a must for some, but a lightning-quick RAID 0 array combined with the transfer speeds of USB 3.0 is certainly an attractive proposition.

Of course, the DriveStation Duo is somewhat beefier than our other magnetic disk-based offerings (8.1" x 5" x 3.4", 4.5 pounds) but that size and weight is a trade for both added speed and security. And like the other drives on our list so far, the Duo is PC and Mac compatible, and can be used for Time Machine backups on the latter.

BUFFALO Buffalo Drivestation Duo 500 GB Desktop External Hard Drive HD-W500IU2-R1
  • Box Contents - One DriveStation Duo, Quick Setup Guide, Setup CD-ROM with Memeo Backup Software for PCs, USB 2.0 Cable, Firewire Cable and Power Cord
  • Two High Speed 7200 RPM Serial ATA Hard Drives
  • No need to Install Drivers with Auto Setup
  • Pre-formatted Hard Drive for immediate use
  • Supports RAID 1 and Full Capacity Spanning Modes
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