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The Format Utility is a simple utility that allows a user to format the DriveStation for use in a Windows
System. Reformatting the drive erases all of the information on the drive. Only reformat the drive if
absolutely necessary.

Install the Format Utility by running the EasySetup Wizard
from the DriveNavigator CD (This is done by inserting the
DriveNavigator CD into a Windows System). Click on
‘DriveStation Utilities’.
Click on the ‘Disk Formatter’ button to launch the utility.

Disk Formatter Utility – The Disk Formatter Utility main dialog
box contains information regarding your system’s drives and partitions.
When launched, the program displays your system drive, giving you the
ability to alter some of the partition information on your main drive.
WARNING: Please use extreme caution when using the Disk
Formatter Utility. When launched, it shows all hard drives on the PC,
including the main boot drive (the one that contains the partition “C:”).
Do not modify the main boot drive! Only use this utility to modify the
external hard drive with the name “USB-HS...”
Select the ‘USB-HS...’ drive from the pull down menu. This is your
DriveStation. It is not recommended that the Disk Formatter Utility be
run on any disks except the DriveStation.
Once the proper disk has been selected, place the cursor over the
purple partition and click. If more then one color is there, then more
then one partition exists. In this case, click on the partition you want to

Once the partition has been clicked, the appropriate options will appear.
Physical Format - Press the ‘Physical Format’ button to begin a physical
format. This process does a low-level format, cleaning the disk completely.
This process is not recommended unless serious disk errors are occurring.
The process can take up 4 hours to complete, depending on the DriveStation
size. You will receive multiple warning dialogs before you are allowed to
begin the physical format.
NOTE: The status dialog box for the physical format is simply a timer. It
counts the amount of time that has past during the format. Each time the
bars reach the end, it adds one minute. It is in no way a progress meter.
Unfortunately, there is no way to tell how long the physical format will take. It
takes roughly 30 minutes per 80GB.
Delete Partition - Press the ‘Delete Partition’ button to simply delete the
selected partition. You will receive a warning dialog box before the partition is

BUFFALO Buffalo Drivestation Duo 500 GB Desktop External Hard Drive HD-W500IU2-R1
  • Box Contents - One DriveStation Duo, Quick Setup Guide, Setup CD-ROM with Memeo Backup Software for PCs, USB 2.0 Cable, Firewire Cable and Power Cord
  • Two High Speed 7200 RPM Serial ATA Hard Drives
  • No need to Install Drivers with Auto Setup
  • Pre-formatted Hard Drive for immediate use
  • Supports RAID 1 and Full Capacity Spanning Modes

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