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How about getting a new router

Convert Buffalo router to access point

Unless that wireless router can be reconfigured as a wireless Ethernet bridge (and I don't know if it can), it's not going to work.

P.S. I took a quick look at the specs and didn't see anything indicating support for wireless Ethernet bridge (aka client mode). I did see support for WDS wireless bridging, but that can be problematic unless your existing wireless router supports WDS, and may even have to be the same manufacturer, Buffalo. Is it?

Hmm, it has an external switch allowing you to change it from router mode to access point mode, and I was assuming access point mode was pretty much the same thing as a client mode. At least, that's the impression I got from reviews and the user manual. I'm currently having problems accessing the device itself because the supposedly default IP address isn't being recognized by my browser.

Also, I just found this in the user manual:


To add an AirStation to a network without changing the existing LAN configuration,
proceed as follows:
1. Put the AirStation in AP mode by moving the switch on the bottom from AUTO to BRI.
2. Connect one of the AirStation’s LAN ports to an existing router or switch on your
3. Temporarily change your computer’s IP address to an unused address on the
192.168.11.x subnet, with subnet mask
4. Type “” into a browser window to open the AirStation’s Configuration
5. In LAN Config, configure the following settings:
IP Address = [] (Specify an unused network address from the existing
Subnet Mask=[] (Use the same Subnet Mask as the existing LAN.)
6. Restore your PC’s IP address settings to their original values.
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